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Managing user access and logins
Managing user access and logins

Make sure everyone can access RoastLog data to do their job

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The number of user logins you can enable depends on your subscription level.

User management

To add, edit or remove users from your account, visit the Settings page. Note that only Account Admins have the ability to manage users.

Adding new users

If you haven't already requested the maximum number of logins for your subscription level, Account Admins can send an invitation to new users via email. Simply click on Invite new user  link from the Settings page and provide the following info for each additional set of credentials:

  • full name (first and last)

  • email address (to enable functionality and for password resets)

The user will receive an email with instructions on completing the registration process.

If you have reached the maximum number of logins for your subscription level, you can upgrade or purchase additional seat licenses with your paid subscription.

Disabling old users

If there is a member of your team who no longer requires a login (i.e., they've left the company), you can disable their account and allocate that login to someone else. Again, from the Settings page simply click the Disable  button next to the username you'd like to reclaim.

Managing Permissions

To update the permissions associated with a user, click their username from the Settings page. This opens a new screen where you can fine tune the permissions on a user-by-user basis. For more details, see our article on Setting up role-based Permissions.

For related details on managing individual user access permissions, refer to the article Setting up role-based Permissions.

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