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Setting up role-based Permissions
Setting up role-based Permissions

Learn how to collaborate and communicate more effectively with RoastLog users inside and outside your organization

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We believe that a clean and simple user interface translates to greater efficiency and less frustration for our users. To that end, we've created a feature which allows for customized views within RoastLog - providing the ability to tailor the application for different audiences.

At the same time, there may exist situations where it's preferable to limit the amount or type of information you share with staff members, importers, customers or producers. Role-based permissions can also be used to restrict access to information that you consider confidential, e.g., inventory pricing, blend recipes or historical roast reports. These permissions can be granted or revoked on an individual basis.

Getting started

To fully leverage the Permissions feature, we recommend that your company designate an individual who will be responsible for customizing permissions for each RoastLog user within an account. This Administrator, or Admin user, will ensure staff members and guest users have the appropriate level of access to information within the system. User management is performed on the Settings page of any Admin user.

Note: There is no limit to the number of Admin users for any given account, but every company must have at least one administrator.

Permission types

The types of permissions that can be granted can be generalized into the following categories:

  • Creating specific types of info/data (e.g., new coffee inventory, Roastables, Samples, Cupping Sessions, Locations, Deliveries and roasting equipment)

  • Viewing sensitive information (e.g., Roastable blend recipes, inventory/contracted coffee pricing and reports)

  • Editing specific info/data (e.g., roast details, bean details, sample details, inventory levels, Roastables, Locations and Deliveries

  • Deleting crucial items (e.g., roasts, Roastables, Locations, equipment and equipment service records)

  • Moving coffee using inventory adjustments, move actions and the creation and/or check-in of deliveries

  • Sharing roasts details using links or by making roasts publicly visible

Note: Some of these permissions may not be applicable to your organization. See our comparison chart for a list of software features by monthly plan.

Assigning user permissions

The ability to customize views and assign account permissions are limited to RoastLog Account Admin users. The steps for assigning permissions are as follows:

  1. From the Settings Page, click on the name of a user in the User Management section

  2. Use the Permission shortcuts to check a pre-defined list of permissions or as a starting point 

  3. Selecting the 'Is account admin' checkbox automatically grants all permissions and allows the user to customize views for other users. 

  4. For non-Admin users, further customize user-specific access by selecting/de-selecting individual permissions. Note: Checking a permission grants that user access while unchecking the permission makes an action unavailable and information/pages inaccessible.

  5. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save'! 

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