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Which RoastLogger should I choose?
Which RoastLogger should I choose?

Deciding on the best profile recording solution for your roastery

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RoastLogger is the application, or suite of applications, that we have developed to record and upload profiles and other batch details to the RoastLog cloud-based platform. Since creating the application, RoastLogger has gone through several iterations. This article should help clarify what options are available and which one is right for you.

The major versions are:

  • RoastLogger Web

  • RoastLogger iPad

  • Legacy Mac/PC RoastLogger

RoastLogger Web

We officially launched RoastLogger Web in 2020. However, proof-of-concept work started in 2018 and beta testing continued well into 2019. RoastLogger Web is the recommended application for the vast majority of users.

The unique properties of RoastLogger Web are:

  • Completely web-based, meaning there is nothing for you to install

  • Works with Bluetooth and USB, directly from your Chrome browser, using two new technologies called WebUSB and WebBluetooth

  • Works with our latest Data Bridge over Bluetooth or USB, or Phidgets Thermocouple and RTD sensors with the Phidgets VINT hub

  • Updates are applied automatically, only requiring a page refresh in your browser to pick up the latest changes.

  • Fast development cycles on our end meaning you're always going to be seeing the latest features

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You must use the Google Chrome browser

  • Bluetooth is only supported on Mac/ChromeOS/Linux (Windows 10 support should be implemented in Chrome soon)

  • WebUSB on Windows requires a one-time driver configuration setup.

We highly recommend everyone use RoastLogger Web over the legacy Mac/PC version of RoastLogger.

RoastLogger iPad

Our native iPad application is a great choice for Apple fans who embrace the ease of having a touch interface. RoastLogger Web can be used with a touch-enabled monitor, however it's not a touch-only interface like the iPad application.

RoastLogger for iPad works exclusively with our Data Bridge using a Bluetooth connection.

While we continue to support iPad development, the cycles tend to be longer. RoastLogger Web does not work on iOS, so if you prefer to use an iPad as your hardware platform you'll need to install our iPad application from the Apple App Store. Have a look at this article for details on iPad requirements.

Legacy Mac/PC RoastLogger

For over ten years, our Mac/PC version of RoastLogger has been in the field, recording roasting profiles all over the world, day after day. It's battle tested and works well. Still, this is considered a legacy platform which is not receiving any new feature development.

We do not recommend any new users start with RoastLogger for Mac/PC.

The primary reason for this is that RoastLogger Web is built on newer technologies which allow us to push out updates, enhancements and fixes much faster. Additionally, being web-based means we've eliminated pretty much all of the challenges of supporting different operating systems.

If you still think you'd like to run the Mac or PC version of RoastLogger, please contact us.

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