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Samples — Management, Organization and Workflow
Samples — Management, Organization and Workflow

A methodical approach to keeping track of green coffee samples

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We built our Samples module to give you the ability to track and organize coffee samples to streamline green coffee purchasing and the associated decision-making process.

This article aims to give you a high-level overview of the functionality. Here's what to expect from RoastLog's Sample Management module. With this module, available in Medium and Large plans, you can:

  • Perform physical assessment and grade incoming samples

  • Organize and plan green coffee purchases

  • Monitor feedback — from first impressions through production

  • Capitalize on buying opportunities by keeping tabs on specific coffee lots

  • Bolster your in-house quality assurance programs

RoastLog helps roasters manage sample-related info, simplifying the cataloging and reviewing of incoming samples.

Track sample attributes, as well as producer, cultivar, and contract details

A quick visual inspection is the fastest way to make a go/no-go decision.  Physical defects can be quickly tallied and to determine whether the sample meets the criteria for a Specialty coffee designation.

Perform physical assessment and green coffee grading

RoastLog's samples module provides tools for performing green coffee physical evaluation/grading as well as cupping.

Use built-in cupping forms or create your own

Once the decision has been made to purchase or contract a coffee, the sample info can be seamlessly converted into a RoastLog inventory item.

Keep samples organized and recall what was purchased or rejected

RoastLog sample module provides logical workflows and a methodical approach to green coffee samples management.  The system helps you organize, prioritize, grade and pare down your incoming green coffee offerings systematically.

For additional details, users can explore our articles in the Sample | How-to's section.  If you're deciding whether RoastLog is right for you, feel free to contact us to learn more.

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