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Minimum computer requirements
Minimum computer requirements
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Note that there are two different applications which have different requirements

  • Our iPad application, which is a native iOS application

  • The RoastLogger client application which runs on Macs or Windows PCs


  • Our iPad application runs on any iPad which supports Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • See a detailed list of compatible devices here.

Mac and PC

The RoastLogger client application will run on any Intel-based Macs or Windows PCs.

 For Macs this usually means at least OS X 10.4. However, as long as the Mac has an Intel processor, RoastLogger should run just fine.

 For Windows, it's been successfully run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. We've also had user run RoastLogger on tablet PCs without any issues.

Communication between RoastLogger and the data bridge occurs via USB (Universal Serial Bus). As such, be sure that your computer/laptop has an available USB port.

The suggested minimum system requirements are:

The application is not resource intensive, so you don't need a powerful graphics card or any other type of special hardware.

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