Bending thermocouples
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There are various reasons you may need a bend in the TC. For example, your roaster's fins may pass close to the faceplate, so a thermocouple installed there may requires a slight bend to avoid interfering with the rotation of your drum. Sometimes you may need extra clearance to open a door or panel.

If you source a thermocouple from RoastLog, you will receive either a 1/8" or 3/16" diameter, stainless-steel probe. 

With care, thermocouples can be bent if absolutely necessary. Here are some guidelines for doing so.

  • Do not bend it if you don't need to.

  • Preferably, bend using a tube bender with at least a 3/4" bend radius.

  • In lieu of a tube bender, use a pipe or other cylindrical object with a 3/4" radius.

  • In lieu of that, you can use your hands, very carefully.

  • Do not attempt a very sharp bend - be safe and avoid bends beyond 90 degrees.

  • Do not bend near to the tube transition, where the stainless steel shaft goes into the TC housing.

  • Don't repeatedly bend back and forth. The stainless steel will break - a lot like the way the tab comes off a soda can.

In short, take your time, do it carefully, and you can bend your probe without damaging your TC.

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