Thermocouple types
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RoastLog requires a type-K thermocouple for the 1-input Data Bridge while our 4-input Data Bridges are compatible with either type-K or type-J. All thermocouples must be ungrounded. Be sure to refer to the support article listing currently supported logging devices.

  • We recommend that you use type-J unless you plan to log high temperatures like one would find on an afterburner. In this case, we recommend a type-K TC.

  • Depending on TC placement, consider using TC probes which include a spring protector to keep the lead wires from being sharply bent where they exit the probe.

  • When choosing probe diameter, consider the diameter of the hole where you plan to insert the probe, its threading, and the outside diameter of a compression fitting.

  • Whenever new thermocouples are installed, use new compression fittings.

Head over to our blog post about thermocouples for nitty gritty details on these little wonders. If you'd like recommendations on installation and the best location refer to our quick quide.

We've also found this helpful diagram of TC lead wiring color codes on Omega Engineering website. It's handy for determining what type of thermocouple may be currently installed on your roaster.

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