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Current Generation Devices

Learn about the hardware you'll need to roast better coffee with RoastLog.

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As RoastLog continues to evolve, so do our hardware options. Here is a list of the current generation devices. In this context, "current generation" refers to the devices we sell and recommend for new users or existing users wishing to upgrade.

RoastLog Data Bridge (USB/Bluetooth LE)

The RoastLog Data Bridge supports both USB and Bluetooth LE (low energy) communication protocols. The image below includes two identical bridges arranged to show key connections. One end of the device includes four mini-connector ports - on the other side, there are spots for a power adapter and USB cable.

4-input Data Bridge w/Bluetooth and USB options

The bridge is compatible with ungrounded type-J and -K thermocouples.  The TC lead wires must be terminated with mini-connectors.  Thermocouple hardware can be purchased directly from RoastLog.

1048 Temperature Sensor from Phidgets

Canadian company Phidgets, based in Calgary, designs and manufactures devices including temperature sensors and data logging hardware that have proven useful to coffee roasters.

The Phidgets 1048 and acrylic enclosure have been a staple among coffee roasting enthusiasts and hobbyists.  The devices are a reliable option and are generally coupled with Artisan, open source software for recording temperature profiles during coffee roasting.  Note that the enclosure requires assembly and is sold separately.

For specifics on getting the Phidgets 1048 Temperature Sensor connected, feel free to contact us via our support portal or via email at support(at)roastlog(dot)com

VINT Hub Phidget

More recently, Phidgets has developed a modular system under the VINT Hub name. This versatile device allows users to interface different types of sensors and controllers.

The VINT Hub connected to thermocouple sensor module

Supporting up to six inputs, the VINT Hub is compatible with PT-1000 RTD sensors (resistance temperature detector) in addition to ungrounded type-J & type-K thermocouples.  To learn more visit

Legacy Devices

The following are discontinued devices (also known as legacy devices):

  • 4-input Standard Data Bridge (USB-only) - discontinued October 2015

  • 1-input Standard Data Bridge (USB-only) - discontinued April 2015

Although no longer available for purchase, both legacy devices continue to be supported. However, please note that the last version of RoastLogger (for Mac/Windows) which supports the 1-input Data Bridge is version 3.1.1.

Going forward, new features and functionality in RoastLogger will not be available for 1-input users.

Additionally, some new features and functionality are not supported for the legacy 4-input Data Bridge. Here is a short list of RoastLogger features that require a current generation device:

  • real-time plotting of the heating rate (RoR)

  • end mass entry for batch yield calculations

  • custom event marker shortcuts

  • value-based events

  • roast energy display

  • barometric readings*

  • humidity levels*

          * Available via onboard sensors found on the current RoastLog Data Bridge.

To learn more about RoastLogger checkout the article Which RoastLogger should I choose?

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