Connecting iPad via bluetooth

Connect your iPad to our DataBridge via Bluetooth. RoastLog supports multiple sites as well as multiple roasters within the same roastery.

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These instructions describe how to connect your iPad to our DataBridge via Bluetooth. It also covers the scenario when you have more than one DataBridge, each which is designated to its own physical roaster.

What's Bluetooth LE?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard which is effective over short distances. The Bluetooth LE (low energy) protocol improves on this standard by lowering the amount of energy consumed while extending the range of operation over plain Bluetooth. For our application, this means less drain on your iPad battery while maintaining a robust connection with the RoastLog data bridge. With direct line of sight, we've been able to maintain a connection from nearly 100' away!

Identifying your Data Bridges

Go to your Settings page

From anywhere within the application, tap on the horizontal bars in the upper left corner to open the application drawer. Then tap the Settings icon.

From within the Settings page, tap the details related to Data Bridge connectivity

Rename your Data Bridge

Giving your devices user-friendly names can make your life easier when managing multiple iPad-data bridge connections. Each data bridge is assigned an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the device. If you have multiple devices running and are  unclear which device is which, simply unplug the device and note which one disappears from the list of available devices.

Once you've sorted out the identity of your devices, each data bridge can be renamed by simply tapping the string associated with each device and assigning a descriptive name when prompted.

After choosing a new name, tap 'Set Name' and now your device appears in the list with the new easily recognizable name.

Repeat this process for as many devices as necessary.

Note: When setting up a new iPad or reinstalling RoastLogger, you will need to step through the process of assigning a descriptive name to your devices again. The information is stored within the application and the data is deleted if RoastLogger is uninstalled.

Pair your iPad and Data Bridge

Connecting to the correct data bridge is now as easy as selecting it from the list!

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