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Inventory overview
Inventory overview

The RoastLog inventory dashboard provides a clean, simple summary of your green coffee positions and roasting velocity

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For those who keep close tabs on inventory levels, the main Inventory page will be one of your most often viewed pages in the entire system.

Quickly get the status of green coffee inventory -- onsite, in-warehouse as well as contracted coffee commitments

Most of the columns in the table should be self-explanatory, however there are some columns and features which are extremely useful and warrant a bit more of a description.


Seeing an overview of the financial commitment you're sitting on is quite helpful. Provided you enter the cost per unit mass of your inventory, the Value column will show you the total dollar (or other currency) value that each lot of coffee is worth.

Last 7 days

As you roast coffee, RoastLog will look back to give you the amount you have roasted for each particular lot of coffee over the past week. The goal here is to give you a quick view of your general usage over the past seven days. Also note, this works by looking at the total amount that has been roasted by bean lot, across all roastables whether those are single-origin or part of a blend.

Zero Date

After calculating the total quantity you have roasted in the past week, we can then look forward to tell you approximately when you will run out of that lot. We call this the Zero Date and it is based on the usage over the past seven days.

Row colors

Along the same lines of the Zero Date, rows will be highlighted yellow or red depending on the state of their inventory or burn rate. Rows are colored red when they are at zero inventory. If a particular lot of coffee is in red and is part of your House Blend, you likely want to jump on that and order some more. Rows which are colored yellow are forecast to run out in the next 14 days.

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